Everybody has a reason for doing what they do

Ever wondered why people do certain things in a repetitive cycle? That was me growing up, watching my parents load up the family vehicle to go on a 4-7 day revival service. Dad would pack his portions of dry, solid crackers since that was all he would be eating. I was always confused as to why he would do that; leave the comforts of his fully furnished modern home and all the niceties that go with the city life to sleep in a tent or in a hut  in some mountain somewhere on the outskirts of beautiful Papua New Guinea. My dad is an accountant by profession who never went to any seminary or bible college. I know this now, my mum and dad knew their calling, and they responded to it. As Mark 16:15 says “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” My parents took that to heart, and they heed their calling by doing just that with every chance they got, leaving their work behind to go to a remote setting in Papua New Guinea in hopes that the Word of God would reach those who are blind to God’s saving Grace and Love. The purpose of this blog is to give updates on what happens when Gods word touches the lives of those who are lost in the different areas in the island of Papua New Guinea.


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